ATTENDANCE + SALARY PROCESS OF UPTO 150 Employees @ Rs. 65,999/Year
Mini HRMS + Payroll Process


How to capture employee attendance in touch less and hygienic way in current circumstances? How to measure and monitor remote employee's work and productivity? Do you spend days-weeks in collecting and reconciling attendance data before each pay cycle every month? Do you struggle to implement effective approval based attendance correction or monitoring systems? Do you Process Salaries manually?

MSQUARE M128 solves all these issues as with MSQUARE M128, employees can mark their attendance via Biometric/IP/GPS. Track your employees attendance on daily basis. Employee can check their attendance on the go and can regularise their attendance, apply for OD & Leaves. Track your sales-filed employees in real-time on Google Maps. HR can process accurate salaries of upto 150 employees with one click in 7 seconds.

First Payroll Software in India at a rate of just Rs 65,999/Year, which allows you to create:

  • One Organisation
  • Multiple Companies
  • Employee Types
  • Payroll Structure
  • Company Rules
  • Upto 150 Employees
  • Bio-Metric Based Attendance
  • Auto Statutory Compliances
  • Salary Process & Salary Slips
  • Payroll Reports
  • TDS-Investment & Projections
  • 24X7 Support - Online
  • Multiple Work-Shifts
  • Late Mark Rules
  • Employee Self Service
  • Android App
  • Holiday Weekly-Offs & Comp-Offs
  • Attendance Process
  • Transfer Management
  • Asset Management
  • Letter Management
  • Sales-Field Employee Tracking
  • Leave Management
  • User Role Management

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