SALARY PROCESS OF UPTO 50 Employees @ Rs. 25,999/Year
Payroll Process Portal


Is Salary Processing a tedious job? Do you Process Salaries manually?

MSQUARE M54 solves all these issues as with MSQUARE M54, process accurate salaries of upto 50 employees with one click in 7 seconds.

First Payroll Software in India at a rate of just Rs 25,999/Year, which allows you to create:

  • One Organisation
  • One Company
  • Employee Types
  • Payroll Structure
  • Company Rules
  • Upto 50 Employees
  • Add Attendance Display
  • Auto Statutory Compliances
  • Salary Process & Salary Slips
  • Payroll Reports
  • Upload Leave Balance
  • 24X7 Support - Online

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