Tax Investment & Tax Management

MSQUARE Tax Management helps the organisation to get the employees investment documents in a systematic manner. As HRAST allows employees to add their investment documents online, the documents are stored on a private & secured server, admin can view the documents, employees can see their Tax Projections, admin can ask the CA to approve the documents, on approvals tax gets auto deducted in salaries, admin does not need to be updated about the new tax rules & slabs.

MSQUARE Tax Management gives the user a simple and effective way to track the investment documents of the employees as per the requirements. MSQUARE Tax Management module is the perfect need of todays Organisation. Its easy-to-use feature gives the Organisation to add details once and then sit and enjoy the magic.

Includes below 8 Processes

Tax Slabs & Rules

Auto Tax Slabs & Rules are created.

Form 12BB

Upload Supporting Documents of Investments in Form 12BB.

Approve & Reject

Can approve & reject the documents.

Tax Projections

Employees can calculate their Tax Projections.

Tax Computation Sheet

Download the final tax computation sheet in excel & pdf.

Data Security

100% secured on private server.

Integrated In Salary

Auto integration with salary process.

Form 16

Download Form 16.

What is MSQUARE?

Why Choose Us ?

Best Hr and payroll software for all kind of organizations across the globe.

With MSQUARE, you can " Do what you do best and let our SOFTWARE take care of the rest"

MSQUARE facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with organization charts, recruitment, employees' management, payroll, performance, training etc..and much more.

MSQUARE Allows Growing Organizations.
  1. To automate many aspects of human resource management.
  2. To make HR an independent process with effective and efficient monitoring.
  3. To standardize all HR processes.
  4. To empower employee with information and inputs.

Managing payroll is a big hassle in every organization. MSQUARE is the multipurpose payroll software for small business. It replaces standalone employee timesheet software, leave management module and pay processing system. MSQUARE is a complete solution that brings the functionalities of recruitment management software, payroll management software, and employee database management in one bundle. It is the that is flexible, adaptable and expandable. The software is backed up by a team of seasoned software developers who know the challenges and pressing needs of the modern world. Hence, they have incorporated functionalities to make it the best payroll software amongst competitive products. When you are searching for the most appropriate automated payroll software in Mumbai, we offer MSQUARE, the one-window solution for all your needs. MSQUARE is the leading cloud based payroll software india, developed for the operational needs of the HR department.

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