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Covid-19 Sensitization Letter To Employees
Email-Letter To Employee For Consent To Reduce Salary
EPF Notification Covid-19- Pandemic
Home Working Agreement
Home Working Application Form
Homeworking – Guidelines For Employees
Letter Informing Employee About Company Insurance Covering COVID
Letter To Client For Delay In Delivery Of Product Due To Covid-19
Letter To Client For Making Prompt Payment
Letter To Client Informing About Initiatives Taken By Company During COVID 19
Letter To Client Informing Delay In Service Due To Covid-19
Letter To Employee To En-Cash Paid Leave
Letter To Landlord To Lower Rent Template.
Letter To Vendor Asking For Discount
Letter To Vendor For Extension In Time To Make Payment
Letter To Vendor To Cancel Order
Letter Email For Extension Of Time To Pay Rent
Notice Of Salary Reduction
Notice Of Termination
Notice To Client For Not Making Payment (2)
Notice To Landlord For Intent To Vacate Office
Notification Of Corona Virus
The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897
Translated Copy Of Notification
COVID-19 Posters:
 If One is Unwell
 Avoid Touching
 Wash Hands
 Do Not Share
 Social Distancing
 Workplace Sanitation
Please proceed this way.
Alert authority if unwell.
Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
Do not ring the bell. Call the concerned person.
Clean hands, save lives.
Clean your hands before getting back to work.
Cover your mouth and nose.
Please act responsibly.
Covid 19 screening.
Spitting could be dangerous.
Do not enter if unwell.
Do not share personal items.
Do not touch lift walls.
Do not touch the handrails.
Gloves and mask needed beyond this point.
Handshake-free zone.
Please maintain physical distance.
Limited entry in lift.
Line starts here.
Maintain distance while parking.
Thanks for practicing Social Distancing.
Masks required beyond this point.
No visitors allowed due to health safety.
Please clean hands after using lift.
Please collect your masks here.
Please drop off at this point.
Please exercise extra caution.
Please sanitize your work area regularly,
Please use hand sanitizer before entering.
Please wash hands before returning to work.
Proper PPE required beyond this point.
Protect others from getting sick.
Sanitize your hands here.
Sink is for hand washing only.
Spitting in public is a health hazard.
Stay home if you feel unwell.
Temperature check mandatory.
Temperature check station.
Temporarily closed.
Please practice social distancing.
This dustbin is for disposing medical gear.
Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately.
Virus outbreak. Proceed with caution.
Wait here until asked to step forward.
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
We are open. Order by phone and email only.
We are open. Take away and delivery only.
We are permanently closed.
We are temporarily closed.
We will bring your order to your car.

Minimum Wages Act
Minimum Wages Act – State Wise Table
Companies Act Section 197 & 198
Code On Social Security 2020
Employee Provident Fund
Employment Law 2020
Employees State Insurance
ESIC User Manual
Industrial Relations Code 2020
Introduction To Statutory Compliances
Labour Law Annual Leave And Holidays
Labour Law Compensation
Labour Law Fair Treatment
Labour Law Health And Safety
Labour Law Trade Union
Labour Welfare Fund Act 1965
Maternity Benefits
Occupational Safety, Health And Working Conditions Code 2020
Offences Andf Penalties- Code Of Wages 2019
Payment Of Bonus
Payment Of Dues, Claims And Audit
Payment Of Gratuity
Payment Of Minimum Wages
Payment Of Wages
Professional Tax
Shops And Establishments Act
The New Labour Laws Of India
User Manual for Monthly E-RETURN of PF
User Manual Provident Fund

ESIC Forms (19)

FORM 37 certificate reemployment continuing employment
FORM – 1 employer registration
FORM – 2 addition deletion familydeclaration
FORM – 3 return of declaration
FORM – 5 return of contributions
FORM – 5a advance payment contributions
FORM – 6 register of employees
FORM – 9 sickness benefit claim
FORM – 10 abstention verification forms
FORM – 11 accident book
FORM – 14 claim permanent disablementbenefit
FORM – 15 claim dependents benefit
FORM – 19 claim maternity benefit
FORM – 20 claim after death
FORM – 22 funeral expenses claim
FORM – 23 life certificate permanentdisablement
FORM – 24 declaration certificate dependents benefit

PF Forms (11)

FORM – 13 revised transfer
FORM – 1 employersregistrationform
FORM – 2 nomination declaration form
FORM – 5 the employees deposit linked insurance scheme
FORM – 10c claiming withdrawal scheme certificate
FORM – 10d application for monthlypensionform
FORM – 11 revised declaration byemployee
FORM – 19 claiming employees providentfundsdues
FORM – 20 death member familynominee
FORM – 31 application for advancefromthefund
Social Security Number

Manpower Requisition
Job Description Template
Excel Recruitment Tracker
Interview Guide
Candidate Evaluation Form
Excel Candidate Evaluation Sheet
Excel Reference Check Guide
Offer Letter
Employment Agreement
HR Hiring Process Flowchart
HR Strategy Roadmap
Excel Salary Calculator

Business Communication – Session A – New
Business Communication – Session B – New
Business Communication – Session C – New
Email Etiquettes
HR Training Program – New
Moon Landing Activity
Selling Skills Training
Team Workshop
Teamwork Training
Telephone Etiquettes
The 7 Cs Of Communication
Time Management Training
Training &Amp; Development Plan
Training Announcement
Training Calendar Template
Training Cost Analysis Template
Training Gap Analysis
Training Needs Analysis Report

Time management
Ethics Values
Communication Skills
Developing Assertivenes
Goal Setting
Lessons from Lagaan
Measuring ROI of Training
Mind Mapping1 - Trainer
Motivation _ Goal Setting
Team Building Leadership Skills
Team Building
Emotional Intelligence
Energizer- Ha!!
Energizer-Hot Pepper

Energizer-More Motions
Energizer-Think Fast
Games - Buzzing Out
Games - Jigsaw Puzzle
Games -Entrance Exams
Get Acquainted-Finders
Get Acquainted Life Event
Get Acquainted-Person Poem
Ice Breaker-Uncle Fredís Suitcase
Whom Do You Trust
Ice breaker game
Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal And Coaching
Mind Change Techniques77 (Self-Help)
Ten 2
The Training Design Manual-The complete Practical Guide
Performance Measures for HR Management
A to Z on Training

Employee Training
Manager Training program
Measuring Training Effectiveness
Training Flow Chart
Training Evaluation Tools
Strategic Training
Train the Trainer
Training and Development
Training Calender Format
Training Feedback Form
Training Need Analysis
Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire
Mind Change Techniques77 (Self-Help)
Ten 2
The Training Design Manual-The complete Practical Guide to c
Performance Measures for HR Management
A to Z on training

Labour Law Forms (217)

Form 01 – Employees’ Registration Form
Form 1 – Declaration Form
Form 12 – Sickness Or Temporary Disablement Benefit
Form 12A – Claim For Maternity Benefit For Sickness
Form 13 – Sickness Or Temporary Disablement Or Maternity
Form 13 A – Maternity Benefit For Sickness
Form 14 – Sickness Or Temporary Disablement Or Maternity Benefit For Sickness

Company Forms (77)

Form No. 1 Declaration Of Compliance With The Requirements Of The Companies Act, 1956 On Application For Registration Of A Company
Form No. 1A Application Form For Availability Or Change Of Names
Form No. 1Aa Particulars Of Person(S)Director(S)Chargedspecified For The Purpose Of Clause (F)(G) Of Section 5
Form No. 1Ab Consent Of The Person Charged By The Board With The Responsibility Of Complying With The Provisions Of The Act
Form No. 1Ac Particulars Of Person(S)Director(S)Chargedspecified For The Purpose Of Clause (F)(G) Of Section 5
Form No. 1B Application For The Approval Of The Central Government For Conversion Of A Public Company Into A Private Company
Form No. 2 Return On Allotments

Show All 77 Documents...

Background Checks Response Letter
Birthday Wish Letter
Bonus Announcement Letter
Branch Transfer Letter To Employee
Breach Of Employment Letter
Condolence Letter To Business Associates, Clients, Vendors, Etc
Condolence To Coworker
Contract Termination Letter
Critical Employee Talent Pool
Demotion Letter
Educational Reference Check
Employee Recognition Letter
Employee Retention Bonus Agreement
Farewell Letter
Festival Bonus Letter With Necessary Clauses
Festival Letter – Diwali
Festive letter – Independence – Republic Day
Festive Letter – Christmas
Festive Letter – Eid
Festive Letter – Holi
Follow Up Letter
Granting Permission Letter
Hr Audit Checklist
Incident Report
Inter-Department Transfer Letter
Job Transfer Letter With Role Change No Promotion
Letter Commending An Employee For Handling An Emergency Situation
Letter For Confirmation Of Exting Employee
Letter For Sign Up For Voluntary Service
Letter inviting employee to investigatory interview
Letter Of Appointment
Letter Suspending Employee Pending Disciplinary Investigation
Letter To Colleges For Internship
Letter To Employee Confirming Outcome Of Disciplinary Appeal Hearing
Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – dismissal
Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – first or final written warning
Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – summary dismissal for gross misconduct
Letter To Employee Inviting Them To Disciplinary Appeal Hearing
Letter To File Mediclaim
Letter to invite employee to disciplinary hearing
Meeting Rescheduled Letter
Promotion Letter
Query Letter To Employee
Quotation Approval Letter
Quotation Negotiation Letter
Quotation Rejection Letter
Quotation Request Letter
Recommendation Letter For Scholarship From Employer
Request For Background Verification
Response To Labour Officer
Response To The Bank Reference Letter
Shift Change Letter
Tds Defaulter Letter
Termination Letter – Excessive Absenteeism
Termination Letter – Substance Abuse
Termination Of Employment Letter Serious Misconduct
Termination On Account Of Financial Fraud
Thank You Letter For Award Nomination
Thank You Letter For The Award Received
Work Anniversary Letter

Interview Questions

Behavioural Interview Questions
Brain Teaser Interview Questions
Common Interview Questions
Communication Skills Interview Questions
Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions
Illegal Interview Questions
Leadership Interview Questions
Phone Interview Questions
Second Interview Questions
Situational Interview Questions
Stress Interview Questions

Job interview templates

Application acknowledgment email
Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to hiring manager
Email to successful candidate after interview
Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager
Interview availability email
Interview cancellation email from employer
Interview confirmation email
Interview no-show email template
Interview reminder email template
Phone interview confirmation email
Phone interview invitation email
Recruiting text messages to candidates for different scenarios
Reschedule interview with candidates email
Scheduling an interview email
Second interview confirmation email
Second interview invitation email
Sending an interview assignment: example email
Skype interview invitation email
Video interview invitation email

Job offer templates

Background check update to candidates email
Contract employee offer letter sample
Developer Job Offer Letter template
Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format
Informal offer letter sample
Internal promotion offer email
Job offer email template
Part-time to full-time offer letter template
Salary negotiation with candidates email template
Sales Job Offer Letter template
offer letter sample

Rejection templates

Applicant rejection letter sample
Candidate rejection email template
Candidate rejection letter sample
Interview feedback to candidates email
Job application rejection email template
Post-interview rejection letter sample
Rejecting overqualified candidates email

Sourcing templates

Email from employer to a recruitment agency or external recruiter
Email template for sourcing a referred candidate
Internal job posting email
Keeping candidates warm email
New job opportunity email to past candidate
Passive candidate email
Recruiter introduction to candidates email
Recruiting bilingual candidates email
Sourcing developer candidates email
Sourcing marketing candidates email
Sourcing military veteran candidates email
Sourcing sales candidates email

Referral templates

Employee referral bonus program announcement email
Employee referral program sample email
Employee referrals from external network email
Refer a friend for a job email
Employee Referral Program Procedures

Alcohol And Drug Policy
Anti – Bullying Policy
Anti- Fraud Policy
Anti- Theft Policy
Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Assest Policy
Bereavement Leave Policy
Bring Your Own Device Policy
Cash-Handling Policy
Child Labor Policy
Child Labour- Government Policy
Company Cell Phone Policy
Company Data Protection Policy
Computer Use Policy
Conflict Of Interest Policy
Contractor Policy
Corporate Compliance Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Cross Department Policy
Cyber Security Policy
Department Transfer Policy
Diversity Policy
Document & Data Retention And Destruction Policy
Dress Code Policy
Drug Testing Policy
Employee Attendance Policy
Employee Cell Phone Policy
Employee Code Of Conduct Policy
Employee Confidentiality Policy
Employee Exit Interview Policy
Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy
Employee Handbook
Employee -Internet And Email Policy
Employee Laptop Policy
Employee Probationary Period Policy
Employee Recruitment And Selection Policy
Employee Referral Policy
Employee Relationships In The Workplace Policy
Employee Remote Work Policy
Employee Smoking Policy
Employee Temporary Layoff Policy
Environmental Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Ethics Policy
Gift Policy
Grievance Policy
Hiring Policy
Hiv Aids In The Workplace Policy
Holiday Policy
Hr Policy Flowchart
Information Technology Security Policy
Internal Hiring Process Policy
Internal Job Posting Policy
International Travel Policy
Job Rotation Policy
Late Coming Policy
Leave Policy
Local Travel Policy
Maternity Leave Policy
Overtime Policy
Paper Reduction Policy
Paper Usage Policy
Paternity Leave Policy
Payroll Advance Policy
Performance Appraisal And Salary Review Policy
Pets In The Workplace Company Policy
Prevention Of Sexual Harassment At Workplace Policy
Punctuality Guidelines And Policy
Record Maintenance And Confidentiality Policy
Reward And Recognition Policy
Sabbatical Policy
Separation Of Employment Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Colony Policy
Telecommuting Policy
Vehicle Policy
Violence At Workplace Policy
Whistle Blower Policy
Work From Home Policy
Workplace Health And Safety Policy

Company policies checklist for new hires
Joining Bonus Letter with Retention Clause
Employee Induction
Job offer email
New employee announcement email
New employee welcome email template
New hire checklist template
Onboarding checklist
Employee Induction Checklist
HR Checklist For Startups
Welcoming New Employee

Employee of the Month Policy
Engagement Plan
Mentorship Program
HR Employee Experience Roadmap
SOP for Hospital

Income Tax Slab Rates for an Individual
Bonus Calculation
Corporate Salary Slip
ITR Declaration
CTC Calculator
Gratuity Calculator
HR Department Budget
HR Payroll Roadmap
HR Trainging Budget
Increment calculation
Salary Calculator
TDS Calculator

Exit Process
Leaving Formalities
Exit Interview Format
Relieving letter
Full-N-Final Settlement Calculator
Employee Clearance Form
Employee Attrition Report
HR Resignation Process Flowchart
Job Transfer with Promotion & Role Change

Performance Management Process
Performance Review
Employee Performance Tracker Excel
Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Appraisal Letter
Performance Warning Letter
Marketing Intern Responsibilities
HR Analytics Roadmap
HR Workforce Planning Roadmap
Performance Development Plan Template
Employe Performance Review
Employee Induction Checklist

360 Feedback Form
Acceptance of Employee Apology – All purpose
Adhoc Designation Change Certificate
Adhoc Increment Certificate
Admn Manual
Appraisal Certificate with Promotion without Increment
Appraisal certificate
Employee master Files
EX Employees For Joining Competitor Notice
Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
Final Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
Final Warning Notice for Performance Issues
Full-n-Final Settlement with Confirmation
Grievance meeting invitation.doc”
Grievance Response
HR Department Organizational Chart Template
HR Due Diligence Checklist Template
HR Presentation Roadmap A4
HR Technology Roadmap A4
HR Timesheet Template
Internship Experience Certificate with Praise
Internship Experience Certificate
Job Suspension during Misconduct Investigation
Lay-off due to CO-BU-Dept Shutdown
Leave Application Form
Post Probation Increment Certificate
Pre-Interview format
purchase order
Relieving Letter after Resignation
Resignation Acceptance General – Key Employee
Resignation Acceptance General
Resignation Withdrawal for Growth Prospects
Resignation Withdrawal for Role Change
Service Certificate
Stationery Request
Violation Form
Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
Warning Notice for General Behaviour Issues
Warning Notice for Misbehaviour on Specific Date-Occasion
Warning Notice for Performance Issues
Zero Tolerance Policy

Agreements (12)

Commission Agreement
Consultancy agreement
Employee loan agreement
Employment Agency Agreement
Employment Bond Agreement
Exclusive Solicitation Sales Commission Agreement
Human Resource Recruitment Agreement
Intercompany Transfer Agreement
Intern-offer-letter agreement
IT Systems and HR Management Services Agreement
Post-Employment Information Release Agreement
Vehicle Use Agreement Company Vehicles

Letters (10)

Acceptance Letter
Custom Letter of Appointment
Grievance Letter against new Employees
Invite to Grievance Hearing
Notice Letter for Intoxication at work
Recommendation Letter
Experience or Relieving letter with praise
Experience or Relieving letter
Letter to Bank
Relieving Letter after Resignation

NOC (16)

Non Disclosure Agreement
NOC Letter to Employee For Visa
NOC Letter Format for Studies
NOC Letter Format for Job Change
NOC Letter Format for Department Change
NOC for Visiting Abroad
NOC for Trainee Student from Company
NOC for tourist vissa
NOC for Personal Loan
NOC for Part Time Job
NOC for Organizing Event
NOC for Employees to Work in Other Organization
NOC for Double Shift
NOC for Credit Card
NOC for Bank Account
NOC for Attending Workshop

General Job Descriptions

Education Training Job Descriptions (105)

Accounting Job Descriptions (47)

Healthcare & Medical Job Description (274)

Administration and Office Support Job Descriptions (100)

Advertising, Arts, and Media Job Descriptions (57)

Banking and Financial Services Job Descriptions (38)

Call Center and Customer Service Job Descriptions (27)

Community Services and Development Job Descriptions (40)

Construction Job Descriptions (37)

Consulting and Strategy Job Descriptions (39)

Engineering Job Descriptions (40)

Executive Job Descriptions (17)

Farming, Animals, and Conservation Job Descriptions (27)

Insurance Job Descriptions (15)

10 Types of Rewards and Recognition
Star Employee Nomination Form

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