Payroll Outsource

End-to-End Payroll Outsourcing Services

A complete payroll outsourcing services, from basic payroll calculations, statutory compliance, facilitating transparent employee communication while ensuring complete confidentiality.

Benefits of Outsource Payroll Processing

Saves a lot of time as one less work for you
You can be assured of accurate payroll processing on-time, everytime.
No need to invest on any payroll software as we take care of that for you
We understand that payroll is a sensitive topic and maintain confidentiality at all times
No more running around behind experts or professionals.
Error free and always accurate calculation wihin few hours


For a business owner its more important to concentrate on growing the company, but if he/she is stuck in processing payrolls for days than it becomes difficult to focus on growth. Hence to have your complete focus on what you are best at, its always a better option to outsource payroll processing.
7 main advantages of Outsorucing Payroll are:
1) Time Saving
2) Highly Budget friendly
3) Savings on Technology & Infrastructure
4) Expertise
5) Increased Efficiency
6) Reduced risk
7) High transparency.
For many small businesses, outsourcing payroll can be extremely beneficial. End-to-end outsourced payroll services can help your business save time, reduce compliance risk, and ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time so you can focus on driving your business forward.
Its a complete end-to-end payroll processing starting with calculating payable amount of employees, statutory compliances calculations and paying it to the government always on tme, generating a systematic record of months, generating salary slips, IT declaration investments audit & TDS calculations, all types of deductions, reimbursements, adjustments. Its a complete cycle of payroll processing done on a monthly basis.
We are a company named ADNAC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLP, based out of Mumbai. We have a portal named MSQUARE a end-to-end HRMS. As we cater the HR sector from past 22 years, we take up Payroll Processing of companies, so that we can spread the knowledge we have to people like you who are willing to have a smart worklifes. You can anytime reach out to us by saying a Hi on our Whatsapp No : +91-91529-71176 and a human will respond to you for sure.
The charges are on per employee per month basis. It starts as low as Rs. 15/emp/month and goes up to Rs. 75/emp/month. The charges can be given once the scope of work is decided.
3,50,000+ employees salaries are processed by us on a monthly basis. We also process salaries for companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, US, UK, Australia, Sri Lanka.
We are always online and so you can connect to us via email. No person will be available to talk or chat or meet, but a mail from you will be reverted to you asap.


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